Is it necessary to use a vacuum cleaner/hoover?

Yes. The secretion can not be removed from the nasal cavity or from the facial cavities without a strong continuous suction. 
The Baby-Vac can provide this gentle but strong enough continuous suction with the power of the vacuum cleaner.

Isn't it too drastic to clean a baby's nose with a vacuum cleaner/hoover?

No it isn’t, as the apparatus sucks with the help of the vacuum cleaner, but not with its strength. It automatically adjusts itself and reduces the suction power. In this manner the vacuum makes it possible to suck continuously, thereby removing the secretion from all parts of the nasal cavities.

Isn't the child afraid of the Baby-Vac?

It depends on the child.
Some children are afraid at first, mainly because of the noise from the vacuum cleaner but they later get used to it.
Some children are afraid from the suction in their nose at the first time, however as soon as they realise that it’s not painful and they can feel the difference after the suction, they accept it.

Isn't it painful to use the Baby-Vac?

It may cause initial discomfort, but no pain. Babies do sometimes cry even when somebody just wipes their nose regardless whether it is painful or not. Children usually don’t like it if somebody is cleaning their nose but an earache and other complications can be more serious.

How often should the Baby-Vac be used?

As often as the child sniffs or his/her nose needs to be blown.

Does the Baby-Vac have any side effects?

There are no side effects as it is the same as blowing your nose. Sometimes there can be a little blood in the secretion, the cause of this is the swollen mucous membrane. Very often adults can see little blood in their tissue after they blow their nose. That is normal. This is very different from a nose bleed. With nose bleeding it is best to contact a doctor.

The Baby-Vac cannot cause any injuries inside the nose because it cannot penetrate too deeply due to the triangle/cone shape of the evacuator. 

The child must be held during the suction especially until they understand the reasons and feel the difference.

Is the procedure sterile enough?

The Baby-Vac doesn’t need to be sterilised. It’s enough to clean the evacuator (A) by putting it into boiling water occasionally. 
If you use it continually, it’s enough to wash the whole apparatus with hot soapy water and then rinse it.

Would the Baby-Vac work for an adult with sinus problems?

The Baby-Vac is specially designed to remove the nasal secretions of babies and children, however we have had very positive feedback from adults and elders where the lungs capacity is too weak to blow. 

When the sinus area is very inflamed or swollen, it is very uncomfortable and sometimes painful to blow the nose, therefore the device could come in handy. 
The suction might take a few seconds longer though. 

You can raise the suction power for adults by closing the other nostril with your finger for 1-2 seconds while you hold the nozzle of the device under the other nostril, then change. You can experiment a bit, since you cannot cause any harm or damage.

Thanks to ENT specialist and phoniater, Dr Julianna Geller for her help.