How to use the Baby-Vac


1.  Insert the evacuator (A) into the collecting cylinder (B). 
2.  Turn on your household vacuum cleaner. 
3.  Insert the vacuum cleaner adapter (C) into the attachment hose on the vacuum. 

Using the Baby-Vac:

1.  Place the child or infant in a sitting/upright position. 
     We recommend holding the child on your lap until he/she feels comfortable with this apparatus. 
2.  Turn on the vacuum cleaner. 
3.  Put the evacuator (A) to one of the nostrils so that it fully seals it. 
4.  Hold it there for a few seconds while observing the discharge being deposited in the collecting – cylinder (B). 
5.  You may gently rotate the evacuator in a circular movement. 
6.  Repeat this process in the same way or/and the other nostril daily as many times as needed. 

In case of blocked nose, we recommend using Saline or any other nose drops to loosen up the mucus a few minutes before using the Baby-Vac.  


1.  Turn off the vacuum cleaner. 
2.  Remove the vacuum cleaner adapter (C) from the operating vacuum. 
3.  Take the evacuator (A) out from the collecting cylinder (B) and wash them following the cleaning instructions.

Cleaning the Baby-Vac:

As explained above, the Baby-Vac doesn’t need to be sterilised. Clean the units before and after each use by washing it with hot soapy water, 
then rinse with hot or warm water simply holding it under the tap. Don’t use any detergents, chemicals or abrasive materials on it!