“When my wife mentioned to me that she had bought this Baby-Vac that attaches to a vacuum cleaner to suck our one-year old’s nose I thought she had gone crazy.
I could not get my head around the concept.
We had tried all of the old methods, but nothing seemed to work all that well. With nothing to lose we gave the Baby-Vac a try and it was a moment to behold. Everything came out of his nose so quickly it was staggering. The little guy could breathe again and by doing this a few times a day his congested nose was cleared up in almost no time.
He is now 4 years old and his sister is almost 2 and we are still going strong with the Baby-Vac. It is so simple to use and clean and an absolute must have in any household with kids.
Thanks Baby-Vac, you have saved our lives!”
– S. Harrop-Allin, Pretoria –

“One of my twins ended up in PICU five days after getting out of NICU because she caught a cold that was causing apnea spells. A wonderful nurse, who was also a mother of a toddler, recommended this to me when I expressed my worry over not being able to clear my baby’s airways at home as well as they manage in the hospital with suction. I ordered one day before we were discharged so it would be at my home when we got there and I’m so glad I did. It took next to no time learn how to use it, it’s very simple to clean, and I felt it was even more gentle than the suction at the hospital which would cause my baby’s nose to bleed a bit. Never had a problem with nose bleeds from Baby Vac!
The only difficulty I had was having to learn how to hold it to keep mucus from going into the vacuum. I figured it out in the first use and never had a problem with mucus actually getting into my vacuum at all. Babies actually liked when I used it because it was quick and very effective in helping them breathe. We only had to use it 2-3 times a day during the worst of the cold season. Worth the money and fully recommend it.”
– K. Sowle –

“I give it a 5, both my girls aged 1 & 2 really benefit from this babyvac. I recommend to everyone who’s got a baby to get it. I can’t thank Dis-chem enough for having it on their shelves on time of need. It’s a flu saver. Lol.”
– C. Hartnick –

“My baby had a slight wheeze in her nose, I noticed there was a bit of nollies bought a Baby Vac the next day. I have been sucking her nose every night no wheeze and she actually likes it. What a wonderful product I will definitely recommend this product!”
– Andrea Meyer –

“Best investment! Still use it for our now almost 3 yr old.”
– C. Lintnaar –

“Definitely something to have close by.”
– C. Carrier –

“Baby Vac works very well. Thanks!”
– Alwyn, Centurion –

“My son Ritchy was admitted to hospital 7 times by the age of 2 and a half. Every time his sickness started with a sinusitis or common cold or flu symptoms which caused runny or blocked nose. He got the normal medications and sprays for nasal congestion at first, then came the antibiotics, cortisone and so on.
Unfortunately, these medications were not enough and soon I was told to take my son to a physiotherapist for further treatments. Sadly, the physiotherapy treatments didn’t work either for him then he had to be admitted to hospital. It was heartbreaking to see him lying in the hospital bed with drips and oxygen mask.
Then one day a friend told me about the Baby-Vac. I purchased one immediately and I haven’t looked back since my son was never admitted to hospital or took antibiotics again. This device was not only life changing, but huge savings on time and medical bills.”
– K Strauss, Centurion –